Peachtree City Woman Charged with DUI After Getting Stuck on Railroad Tracks

Peachtree City Woman Charged with DUI After Getting Stuck on Railroad Tracks

Concerns of Derailment Sparked as Off-Duty Officer Discovers Intoxicated Driver on Busy Tracks

In a harrowing incident in Peachtree City, Georgia, a woman was charged with DUI after making a wrong turn onto a set of railroad tracks and getting stuck. The potentially catastrophic situation was averted thanks to the quick thinking of an off-duty police officer and his stepson, who spotted the stranded minivan and alerted authorities. As the police arrived at the scene, they discovered the driver to be heavily intoxicated, nearly three times the legal limit. With the immediate concern of removing the vehicle from the tracks before the next train, the incident sheds light on the increasing DUI rates in Peachtree City.

DUI Rates Soar in Peachtree City

Peachtree City Police have reported a significant increase in DUI incidents since 2019, with numbers skyrocketing by over 200%. This alarming surge includes an 88% rise in daytime DUI cases and a staggering 94% increase in DUI involving drugs. The incident on the railroad tracks serves as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by impaired driving and the need for heightened vigilance in enforcing road safety measures.

A Race Against Time: Clearing the Tracks

As the off-duty police officer and his stepson noticed the minivan on the busy railroad tracks, they immediately sounded the alarm. The precarious position of the vehicle, facing down the tracks as if attempting a right turn, raised concerns about a potential derailment. The tracks in question belong to CSX, a private crossing that witnesses approximately six freight trains passing through each day. With a nearby subdivision just a hundred yards away, the safety of the residents became a top priority for the responding officers.

Tow Truck to the Rescue

To avert a potential disaster, a heavy-duty tow truck was swiftly called to the scene. With the expertise of the tow truck operator, the vehicle was successfully removed from the tracks, eliminating the risk of a derailment and ensuring the safety of the surrounding community. However, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of impaired driving and the need for stricter enforcement of DUI laws.

The Consequences of Impaired Driving

The woman responsible for the incident now faces charges of driving under the influence. Police discovered opened containers in her vehicle, suggesting that she had been drinking while operating the minivan. This incident highlights the dangers of driving under the influence and the potential harm it can cause not only to the driver but also to innocent bystanders. The Peachtree City Police’s efforts to combat the rising DUI rates underscore the importance of education, enforcement, and community involvement in curbing this dangerous behavior.


The incident in Peachtree City, where a woman was charged with DUI after getting stuck on railroad tracks, serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of impaired driving. With DUI rates soaring in the city, law enforcement agencies are facing an uphill battle in ensuring road safety. The quick response of an off-duty police officer and the successful removal of the vehicle from the tracks averted a potential disaster. However, this incident underscores the need for stricter enforcement of DUI laws and increased awareness about the potentially devastating consequences of impaired driving. It is crucial for communities to come together in promoting responsible behavior on the roads and working towards a future with fewer incidents of DUI.


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