Mazda cx-5 won’t start Problem Atlanta Mobile Mechanic Tips
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Mazda cx-5 won’t start Problem Atlanta Mobile Mechanic Tips

Here is why your Mazda cx-5 Will Not Start It could be Electrical or starter failure, battery, alternator Problem that makes your car won’t cranking tips by Mobile Mechanic auto car repair service In today’s video, guys we will be working on a Mazda. So if you have any Mazda vehicle guys which is Mazda two, three, five, six. Let’s say you have a Mazda CX7, CX3, CX5 guys and the car does not want to start, guys. Okay? Does not crank, does not start. You just turn the ignition key on and nothing happens. We’ll explain, guys, what could be the reason for that. The most common reason. So stay with us, guys and we’ll explain today.

In addition, guys, quick introduction. We’ll have more than 200 videos on every car we get in the shop because our mission is to save you guys as much money as we can. So please subscribe to the channel, like the video, leave a comment below. Let us know if the video was helpful and if it helped you fix your problems. So let’s talk about it on now.

So I’m going to go inside and demonstrate how it doesn’t start now, guys. Okay. No matter what we do, you just turn the key on and that’s nothing happens. So. Nothing else. Let’s go ahead and explain you what do you need to check now. So we need to open the hood of your Mazda vehicle, guys and usually somewhere by the battery, guys, by the car battery, there is a fuse box, okay? That fuse box as you know, if you worked on Ford and Mazda, they have quite a bit in common.

They share many components like this one. It even says that Ford Motor Company on the thing sometimes, you guys it’s crazy. And you open the fuse box cover and what we need to check now, you don’t need to worry about fuel pumps or anything like that. Why? Because the car doesn’t want to crank so it’s something that blocks the signal being sent to the starter or the starter turning [inaudible 00:01:57] now guys.

Now reason number one, check the fuse, guys, for the starter. Okay? You often have fuse for the starter and you often, guys, here a relays, one or two relays for the starter. In our case, guys, check out on the cover and right here. Okay. It’s says starter number two relay and starter main relay. Okay there, right here, let me show you now. Let’s come just a little bit this way. Okay. This is a starter relay and this is a starter relay.

We have the video on the channel, how to replace them, how to inspect and test them as well. If you want to, you can just switch it with another relay that’s not important, let’s say the starter relay is the same as the one for the heater, blower, motor fencer. You can temporarily switch them and see if that fixes the problem, but now sometimes on Mazda, you will not find a fuse that say starter, guys, okay.

It may say engine, it may say, okay, ignition key and here we have another ignition key. So far guys, we have three. Okay, three fuses that could be related to a starter. And make sure you stay until the end. I’m going to explain something else too. This cover, you might have one of those and you have those special fuses, guys and on of those is for the starter or ignition key.

So I’m going to get a volt meter. Okay. And I’m going to test these fuses. If you guys need to find a replacement fuses or we need to get a voltmeter like ours, this is amazing volt meter. All that will be listed in the description of the video below for your convenience.

So if I set it at resistance and I check one end of the fuse to the other one, we should go close to zero. Okay. Like that. This is a good fuse because it means we have communication from one end of the fuse to the other one. If the fuse is burnt, it will be like we have no connection at all.

So this is a good fuse, guys. Now, we have something else. Okay. We tested our relays. They’re perfect. What else it could be? We have a second fuse, guys, for ignition right here that is ignition key. So we’re going to check that one as well.

Perfect. I pull it out and I’m going to test it now and see what the deal is that fuse. Okay, and what we got here, guys, okay. Zero. Okay. No communication. Which is the problem, zero. If it’s a good fuse, guys, it should be like this one, remember going to zero but it’s not, so we have a bad fuse that we need to replace.

Now these guys, if your fuses are good. Okay, let me grab the new one quick. Okay. If all your refuses are good, what do you need to check now, guys? Okay. You need to check if you’re going to starter is good. We have a video how to test it. Also, on some mobile Mazda Mechanic, okay, you have a fuse, guys, on the battery cable right here.

This is a fuse that is for the starter and the alternator. So if that fuse is bad. Okay. Your car will not crank as well. And this fuse, you cannot open it. Most of the times you have to test it from here to here or from here to the starter wire to see if there is communication with the volt meter.

Now, let’s say all that is good, guys. Your starter, your going to be move with it, you’ve tested it. It’s good. All the fuses are good, all those are good, guys, it could be a bad, okay, bad immobilizer or a bad key. Sometimes keys go bad. Immobilizers go bad and if the immobilizer is not reading the key, guys, the car will not start and you’ll have the same symptoms.

But in our case, that’s not the problem. We would do the fuse for the ignition key and now, I’ll attempt to go ahead and start the car. So you can see fired right up. So hopefully, guys, that will be the case with your Mazda.

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